Woodworking Design Software Halves Production Time: Case Study

Investing in new woodworking design software can be a difficult decision for a business to make, especially for a smaller workshop. There is sometimes the view that woodwork design software is the preserve of the larger manufacturers, perhaps those who churn out high volume standard units. Smaller enterprises might are more focused on custom pieces, […]

Dowel Jig: An Affordable, Fast and Effective Solution

Today there are many ways to assemble two pieces of wood. Traditional wood working joints like mortise and tenon and dovetails are still often an excellent option for solid wood, but modern day options like biscuits, dominos, and dowels are often much faster to make and more adapted to modern sheet materials. As I build […]

Quickly Change All Materials in your Furniture Design with Sub-Methods

If you need to change the material of an element in a cabinet or other piece of furniture you can select each part and change it’s material. But if you want to change the material of a type of part, for instance all the shelves, then it’s far quicker to use a Manufacturing Method. We […]

A Smart Way to Design Semi Framed Doors in Polyboard

Video Transcription This is a short video to show you how to set up doors that only have two styles and a central panel without any rails. This is how to do it quickly and easily. Let’s open a new cabinet and give it a height to give it a decent shape and add some […]

Adding Slack to Your Grooves in Polyboard

Polyboard calculates all your assembly details at exactly the right size and by default leaves no play in the grooves between the panels. If your CNC router is machining grooves just a little too tight fitting, you can add extra width and depth to grooves to make for an easier fit. This video shows you […]

Formating cutting lists for other applications

If you have a cutting otpimisation software other than Opticut you might have to format a cutting list for importing. There are 2 ways of exporting a cutting list, In ASCII text format, – using the ASCII text command – if you have Polyboard Pro PP, you can use a PP Report file Both have […]

How to set up fitted furniture in alcoves

Polyboard’s Project Mode is a fantastic tool for setting up fitted furniture. Here’s a short video that shows how to set up a cabinet and shelf unit for fitting in alcoves. Polyboard can not only design your cabinet but using the Project Mode you can also draw the rooms adding simply textures and lighting to […]

How to use image files to enhance a Polyboard model

The version 5.10B of Polyboard includes some very neat render options. With improved lighting and shadows, these options will allow you to create more realistic images to present your projects. But with the possibility of applying an image directly to a Polyboard  panel  it now becomes possible to add some special effects that  makes Polyboard  […]

Designing Curved Backs with Polyboard Cabinet software

Polyboard doesn’t allow you to draw the plan view of a cabinet using arcs or curves but you can get a good approximation by dividing the curve into segments . The trick is to use a CAD program to draw out the plan and get the exact position of each segment .   In this […]

Replace cabinet tops with rails

A question that comes up often is how to replace the top of a kitchen base cabinet with 2 rails.   This is in fact very easy to do using the surface split command . The disadvantage of this method is that when you change the cabinet depth the space between the rails remains constant […]