Cabinet design software to transform your woodworking business

cabinet design software

Tired of spending hours making adjustments to your cabinet designs for your clients with a CAD programme (or even worse, drawing it by hand)? That’s where Polyboard comes in. With our specialised parametric design software, all you do is install and start designing. It’s specially built for professionals to save time, money, and effort. Simple…

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Professional kitchen design software makes cabinet design a breeze

Professional kitchen design software

Designing a kitchen for your clients can traditionally be a long and costly process but with professional kitchen design software, you can save time, money, and effort. Here, we’ll show you why our software, Polyboard, is the best of its kind and which of the latest kitchen cabinet design trends are an absolute breeze to…

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Woodworking design software case study

Investing in new woodworking design software can be a difficult decision for a business to make, especially for a smaller workshop. There is sometimes the view that woodwork design software is the preserve of the larger manufacturers, perhaps those who churn out high volume standard units. Smaller enterprises might are more focused on custom pieces,…

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DIY dowel jig

Today there are many ways to assemble two pieces of wood. Traditional wood working joints like mortise and tenon and dovetails are still often an excellent option for solid wood, but modern day options like biscuits, dominos, and dowels are often much faster to make and more adapted to modern sheet materials. As I build…

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Japanese cabinet making

Here’s another way to build furniture. I hope you enjoy the video. Leave a comment …….

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