How to set up fitted furniture in alcoves

Polyboard’s Project Mode is a fantastic tool for setting up fitted furniture. Here’s a short video that shows how to set up a cabinet and shelf unit for fitting in alcoves. Polyboard can not only design your cabinet but using the Project Mode you can also draw the rooms adding simply textures and lighting to […]

How to use image files to enhance a Polyboard model

The version 5.10B of Polyboard includes some very neat render options. With improved lighting and shadows, these options will allow you to create more realistic images to present your projects. But with the possibility of applying an image directly to a Polyboard  panel  it now becomes possible to add some special effects that  makes Polyboard  […]

Designing Curved Backs with Polyboard Cabinet software

Polyboard doesn’t allow you to draw the plan view of a cabinet using arcs or curves but you can get a good approximation by dividing the curve into segments . The trick is to use a CAD program to draw out the plan and get the exact position of each segment .   In this […]

Replace cabinet tops with rails

A question that comes up often is how to replace the top of a kitchen base cabinet with 2 rails.   This is in fact very easy to do using the surface split command . The disadvantage of this method is that when you change the cabinet depth the space between the rails remains constant […]

Making raised panels in Polyboard

Polyboard is great for fast and efficient design and manufacturing of cabinets and furniture from sheet materials, but has certain limits in showing detailing in 3D presentations of solid wood objects. This is mainly true for profiled sections such as mouldings and turned parts. Setting up doors with raised panels Although you can get around […]

Making modular framed panels with Polyboard

Polyboard is a cabinet design software but it’s powerful and versatile functionality makes it extremely useful for a vast array of other tasks. Although mainly designed to build cabinets and furniture from sheet material Polyboard also includes the possibility to work with bars or lengths of material. Any given panel can be set up in […]

Using the 32mm system with Polyboard Cabinet Software

The 32mm system is a method of cabinet construction based on using holes drilled regularly along vertical components at 32mm increments. These holes are then used to locate hardware to hang doors and place shelves. Polyboard can automatically drill the vertical separation with the necessary holes and place automatically the cabinet parts and hardware according […]

Applying several hardware fitting to a joint

It’s easy to apply 2 or more fittings to one assembly detail, Polyboard just lets you add the fittings and their placement rules to a list associated to the joint. Applying cam and dowel fitting to the same joint You can add several fitting each with their own placement rule, to the same joint . […]

How to add Plinths

It’s very easy to add plinths to a cabinet designed with Polyboard . As often though the difficulties arise when you have to adjust the details. In this video I show how to set up a plinth that on one site extends the full length of the cabinet and on the other the side is […]

How to design furniture around columns with Polyboards Unboxing command

It requires a lot of extra work when you have to build a cabinet around a column or pillar. Polyboard has a very useful command that makes integrating pillars and columns fast and easy. This feature is called Unboxing, a rather obscure name for a very down to earth and practical command. Unboxing is a […]