Cutting optimization software for sheet and profiled materials

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OptiCut’s powerful optimisation functions enable you to optimize cutting of sheets, panels and boards.

You can also optimise cutting lengths from bars, rods, tubes, profiles, mouldings and any material in lengths. Ideal for wood workers, metal workers, and just about any industry that has to deal with sheets or profiles.

  • If you are manufacturing or building products from sheet or profiles...

    One of the biggest time and money drains in any manufacturing business, whether you manufacture in wood or metal or stone, is cutting up raw materials quickly with as little waste as possible.

    Whether you use sheets, profiles, bars, tubes or rods, we all know that with material costs are rising by the minute and that simply saving even 10% on a large project can save hundreds if not thousands in hard cash.

    This is not counting the time wasted trying optimise but hand. Nor the growing stock of off cuts that you pile up everyday but never use because it takes too long to sort through them to find the appropriate sizes for you new project.

OptiCut could be right for you if you are...

  • Still wasting time and money cutting your sheet and profiled materials
  • Still optimising by hand
  • Still not optimising at all because it takes too much time
  • Still scratching your head about how many sheets and lengths of moulding to buy for a new project
  • Still piling up the off cuts and not using them

Cut out the hard work and errors from your cutting operations

Originally designed as a complement to Polyboard, our cabinet design software, OptiCut interfaces seamlessly with all versions of Polyboard, including Polyboard Lite.

The short video above shows you how well OptiCut works with Polyboard.

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Optimise all your cutting lists

  • Wasting serious time and money cutting your sheet and profiled materials

  • Optimising by hand or not optimising at all because it takes too much time

  • Wondering how many sheets and lengths of moulding to buy for a new project

  • Piling up all those off cuts and never getting round to using them

With OptiCut you will save material and always know exactly how many sheets to buy and how to cut each part, while taking into account and using the off cuts that you have already in stock.

So stop wasting money, time and energy worrying about buying to much material and start saving hundreds if not thousands on each project.

A quick overview of OptiCut the professional Cutting Optimization Software for sheet and profiled materials

OptiCut is a panel, board and profile cutting optimization software, this means that you not only optimise cutting sheet material but also material that you buy by length, moulding, frames build with standard sections, bars, rods tudes, etc.

Use OptiCut to know exactly how many boards, panels or lengths of material you have to buy for each project and exactly what is the best way to cut it.

Based on a powerful multi-mode, multi-format, and multi-material algorithm.

OptiCut is not your usual simplistic optimisation software.

With OptiCut you can optimise all your cutting lists while adapting itself to a whole range of different materials and situations to make sure that you are saving the maximum amount of material and money.

Some of OptiCut's Main Features Explained

Multi-mode algorithms

A powerful set of highly flexible optimization algorithms.

You will get size optimization modes to choose from: Fast, Standard 1, Standard 2, Advanced 1, Advanced and Optimized for CNC.

These allow you to decide exactly what is important for you in your business. You can focus on speed of the actual optimisation process, or speed to cut the job, whether you are cutting by hand or CNC, and so on.

Individual optimizations can include a stock of mixed size panels and also panels of different materials

With this ability, you won't need to sort through your sheets by size or material type.

If have several materials on your list and different sized sheets in stock, OptiCut will automatically search

for the panels by material and size that you hold in your stock and select the right parts for the right panels for the best optimisation.

And for each and every material you hold, the software will take into consideration all available sheet sizes that are available. That includes any off cuts you have chosen to add to your overall stock.

Choose to process your optimisation with or without reference to the grain direction

The software automatically considers the direction of the grain in your solid wood or veneered sheets.

Automatically modify panel size to take into account edging or to allow rough cut parts management

OptiCut will adjust the parts sizes according to the thickness of edging material that you apply to your parts. You can define edging thicknesses, and displays either net (cutting) or finished edged dimensions.

You can use the edging parameters to define rough-cut parts that will be re-calibrated afterwards (for instance on a CNC or fine cut saw).

Cutting maps complete with the best cutting sequence for each and every job

Opticut doesn’t only calculate the optimal position of all your parts but will tell you how to cut by writing a complete cutting map. You’ll know the exact sequence of cuts necessary to use the least material possible and minimize the time necessary to cut your panels.

Comprehensive management of stock and all your off cuts

You can manage your existing stock of sheets and materials and include usable off-cuts from previous projects.
OptiCut’s stock management can be up-dated after each optimization.

Off-cuts defined with a minimal usable dimensions will be considered reusable and integrated into existing the stock and used in future projects.

Reporting includes full costs and technical specifications

At the end of each optimisation process OptiCut outputs comprehensive reports that include details of cutting time, wastage and costs of the material used.

A very quick way to see how much money you are saving.

Optimising these materials as well...bars, tubes, rods, mouldings, profiled sections, dowels and so on.

As well as panel materials, OptiCut can easily optimise profile cutting, plus battens, mouldings, metal rods, beams, bars, strips, joists and really anything that comes in fixed lengths.

And you will still get all the cutting maps, reports and labels as with panels.

Full manipulation of sheets

Use OptiCut's sheet turnaround feature to alter the cutting direction between the vertical and horizontal for individual cutting maps.

This can further reduce waste although there is a trade off with manually manipulating the sheets and overall machining time. You can decide on the best mix for your business and for specific projects.

For example, if the material costs are high, you may want to opt for turnaround to minimise costs and vice versa for a low material cost project where time is more important.

Label printing on automatic for all parts

This makes management of your parts through the workshop much easier.

Once printed just stick the labels on and have immediate access to measurements and the reference for each part. No need to go near a tape measure! This massively speeds up the production process and cuts out costly errors.

sheet cutting optimization software

Read and write cutting lists in all formats

Read and write cutting lists created by all common spreadsheet applications including Excel, Open Office, etc.. OptiCut can also interface with Polyboard and most other furniture software packages such as Obnie, KitchDraw, TopWood and so on.

Post Processors built in for seamless integration with 100s of CNC saws

OptiCut's integral post processor outputs accurate cutting maps for all major brands of CNC saw.


Guarantee and Conditions of Sale

We back up all our offers with a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee (minus £80 admin costs).

Try all our software for a full 30 days to see if they are right for you and your business.

Test them on real projects and make them run your CNC machines.

If for any reason you are not happy, just uninstall OptiCut and send us the uninstall code, we’ll send you your money back no questions asked.

Also, upgrading to a higher version is free for 30 days!

After 30 days get 70% take back price for your current version!

Our objective is not just to sell you software, but to help you find the best solution for your needs and your business.

By purchasing this software, you agree to our terms and conditions detailed here.

OptiCut Versions

All versions are Fully featured professional versions, only the number of parts that you can optimise changes.

For occasionally optimising larger projects just cut your cutting list into sections and optimise the lists separately.

All versions are seamlessly interfaced with all Polyboard versions, including Polyboard Lite.

OptiCut is available in several versions with performance and prices to suite your workshop.

From 50 pieces up to unlimited capacity (Versions Pro and Pro_PP). You can choose the version that best suits your needs and budget.

OptiCut 50: Version limited to a cutting list of 50 parts.
OptiCut 200: Version limited to a cutting list of 200 parts.
OptiCut 500: Version limited to a cutting list of 500 parts.
OptiCut Pro : Unlimited number of parts.
OptiCut Pro PP: Unlimited number of parts, with Post Processor CNC output.

OptiCut Pro PP

This version is our high end industrial version of OptiCut. Optimise unlimited numbers of parts, and write the code for you CNC saws directly from inside OptiCut.

OptiCut Pro

This version can optimise an unlimited numbers of parts, no need to separate cutting lists into parts.

OptiCut 500

This version is ideal for most small to medium size workshops. Optimisation is limited to 500 parts. Usually easily enough for most projects, larger projects can be optimised in 2 parts.

OptiCut 200

This version is limited to 200 parts. Saves having to cut lists into sections for medium sized projects. Includes all features and seamless interfacing with all Polyboard versions.

OptiCut 50

Ideal for small shops, is seamlessly interfaced with all Polyboard versions including Polyboard Lite. Optimise projects larger that 50 parts by running optimisation several times.

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