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Watch the video below to see how ProgeCAD can transform your design process

ProgeCad is not only a fully compatible Autocad 2D / 3D CADD program, it is also a perfect copy of AutoCAD.

So if you know how to use AutoCAD there’s no learning curve for ProgeCad.

This makes ProgeCad the perfect companion to Polyboard and StairDesigner. Push the limits of Polyboard even further for the best of both worlds.

Projects Rendered with ProgeCad:

Here are some of the advantages of using ProgeCad with StairDesigner and Polyboard:

  • THE VERSATILITY OF A FULL 2D/3D professional CADD software with ProgeCAD!
  • Load Polyboard or StairDesigner DXF files into ProgeCad for editing
  • Add complex detailing to Polyboard and StairDesigner plans
  • Add curved parts, bow fronts, to Polyboard models
  • Build and assemble several stairs and cabinets in the same drawing
  • Create and present photorealistic rendering from Polyboard and StairDesigner models
  • Add detailed dimensioning to all your plans

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