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Cabinet File Service
If you are an amateur wood worker or make furniture part time, and you don’t want to invest in a full version of Polyboard, our CabinetFile service is for you.


Design your cabinets and furniture with the free version of Polyboard and send us the cab-pb file of your free version. We’ll review your project and advise on any modifications that might help you improve design and manufacturing.

Once we have set up and optimised your project we’ll send you all the manufacturing files in DXF, PDF and the post processor code for your CNC machine.

To save you a maximum amount of money and time on big jobs our CabinetFile service optionally includes cutting optimisation and/or nesting of your parts in the board dimensions of your choice.

The CabinetFile services costs £95
(Exclusive to Premium Support subscribers)

The CabinetFile service includes:
  • Professional revision of your project before processing (limited to 1 hour for projects only)
  • Dimensioned PDF drawings of all the separate parts
  • PDF cutting lists
  • DXF files of each part
  • Machine code for each part

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CabinetPlan Service

Please note: this service is temporarily unavailable whilst we upgrade it to incorporate design and build of your projects

Made to measure design and manufacturing


If you need plans and cutting lists to build your own furniture but don’t want to learn how to use Polyboard, our CabinetPlan service is for you. Just send us the sizes and specification of the project you want to build. We’ll set up your project in Polyboard and send you all the manufacturing documents.
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Cabinet Plan costs £495

(Exclusive to Wood Designer Full members)
(+ VAT if applicable*)
Includes up to 8 hours support: a complete personalized study of your project and help and advice where needed

*If you are resident outside the European Union, you will not be charged Value Added Tax (VAT).

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